Eco Zonefix is a New Powered Earth-Friendly Rapid Fixer for Film and Paper

Eco Zonefix

Zone Imaging has released a new film development fixer called Eco Zonefix that it claims is much safer than other products on the market and is, as the name suggests, eco-friendly.

Zone Imaging describes itself as a photochemistry startup that contributes to the resurgence of film photography through the production of new developers that are more environmentally friendly than the ones that are typically used and widely available.

“Our vision was to bring actual new developers to the commercial market that would be more environmentally friendly than the traditional ones already available, where possible, with the added bonus of giving advancements in technical results and breakthroughs in the science. Through the introduction of our first product, 510 Pyro, this side of the company was born,” the company explains.

The startup was founded in 2020 and released its first film developer in June of last year called 510 Pyro. Described as capable of rendering film grain much finer than previous developers with very small dilutions, 510 Pyro has a shelf life of more than six years.

Now, Zone Imaging has announced Eco Zonefix, its second developing product whose main draw is its Earth-friendly makeup. The company says that Eco Zonefix is an eco-friendly, odorless, alkaline, non-hardening, rapid fixer that ships in powder form. It can be diluted with water to make one liter of stock solution.

Eco Zonefix has ten major benefits, Kosmo Foto reports. As mentioned, it is odorless and more friendly to the environment than most neutral alkaline fixers. It also promises fast fixing and washing out times, can be used in both soft and hard water, and requires less water to wash out than acid fixers. Additionally, an acidic stop bath is not necessary and uses water instead, is sodium thiosulphate-based so it is hard to over-fix, and there is less fixer waste and transport bulk since it is shipped as a powder.

Finally, Zone Imaging says that it is ideal for use for both conventional non-staining, pyro/catechol staining film developers and paper developers.

“This fixer was designed for optimal fixing for film, RC, and FB papers with fast washing out times with both conventional non-staining film/paper developers and pyro/catechol-based staining film developers. It boasts long shelf life, high capacity, compatible with soft to very hard tap water up to a hardness of 500ppm, and easy transport for traveling to suit all consumers’ needs,” Zone Imaging says.

“The powder has been formulated and packaged in a way to minimise dust entering the air when pouring the contents to make it more user friendly and meet standards for educational institutions.”

Eco Zonefix is available to pre-order starting today for £7.95 (about $10) and will begin shipping around “mid-May.”