Fujifilm Advises Users Not to Update the Instax Share App on Android

Fujifilm Instax Share app on Android has issues

Fujifilm recently announced a new version of its Instax Share app for Android smartphones that removes essential features, including the ability for users to shoot with camera, utilize real-time templates, save photos, and access “my templates.”

Alongside the news of the new update, Fujifilm warns that users should not update their Instax Share app on Android devices and that the latest update, version 3.4.8, should be skipped entirely. As Forbes explains, there will be no way for users to download the old, feature-complete version of the app should they accidentally or automatically upgrade to the newer, hampered version.

Fujifilm Instax Share app on Android has issues

The removed features are not being permanently removed but won’t be available to 3.4.8 users until Instax Share version 3.4.9 is available later this year.

Android Instax Share users that haven’t updated the app should disable automatic updates for the Instax Share app within the Google Play Store. This can be achieved by selecting “Manage apps and device,” selecting the “Manage” tab and then choosing Instax Share. From here, users should tap on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the screen and uncheck “Enable auto update.” Detailed instructions and illustrations are available on Fujifilm’s Instax Share support page.

Fujifilm Instax Share app on Android has issues
The Instax Share app on Android has been infrequently updated. However, a recent update has removed essential features from the app, pending the release of an updated app later this year.

PetaPixel reached out to Fujifilm to get more information on the Instax Share Android app. After liaising with Fujifilm’s headquarters in Japan, Fujifilm North America provided the following statement:

“Fujifilm is in the process of making critical updates to the Instax Share Smartphone App for Android so it may remain available on the Google Play Store in perpetuity. Unfortunately, this means for a short period of time, certain features of the latest version of the app will not be functional for Android users while we make these updates. iOS users are not affected by this update.”

“To maintain all the current features of the app, we recommend continuing to use version 3.4.7 and not upgrading to 3.4.8 at this time. We expect the next update (3.4.9) to be available in Fall 2023, at which time the affected features will be restored. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes Android users of the Instax Share Smartphone App, and thank you for your understanding.”

While Fujifilm’s explanation that the app requires “critical updates” to remain on the Google Play Store “in perpetuity” leaves some questions unanswered, and Forbes speculates that the issue is likely related to problems arising from switching to a newer Android API. No matter the reason for the new update, users should not update Instax Share on Android to version 3.4.8.