Luminar Neo Update Adds Undo/Redo Feature and Improves Performance

Skylum has released update 1.9 update Luminar Neo that brings a heavily-requested Undo/Redo functionally to the artificial intelligence-powered photo editing application.

The company says this new Undo/Redo feature will give users the ability to backstep an edit and then reapply it easily, allowing them greater ability to experiment with different editing tools to find the look they are seeking with ease.

On top of the Undo/Redo functionality, Skylum says the version 1.9 update for Luminar Neo also addresses some bugs and brings significant performance updates under the hood, which it claims shows increased speed specifically in RAW develop and masking tools, which should help smooth out and speed up the workflow experience for most users. PetaPixel can confirm that the update does noticeably improve the performance on macOS.

Bug Fixes in Luminar Neo 1.9

Sklyum notes several bug fixes for both MacOS and Windows. For the MacOS side of things, the bug fixes include the following:

  • From the Layers tab, click “My Images”, “See All”, and then the “Get More Assets” button and be redirected to the Luminar Marketplace as expected
  • Mark a Preset as Favorite without seeing the list of Presets scroll up and down
  • Apply a Preset without disabling the Sky AI and Sky Enhancer AI tools
  • Sync adjustments to a new image without seeing the low-resolution original image displayed while adjustments are syncing
  • Filter the Catalog and see a previously superselected image without it disappearing
  • Reopen the Before/After mode without resetting the position of the Before/After slider
  • View the original image without delays after opening the Before/After mode

For Windows users the following bugs have been addressed:

  • See an already purchased Preset collection in the For this Photo window without the “Get” button
  • While the Before/After splitter is active, click “Quick Preview” on an edited image without it blinking
  • Re-login and see the previously purchased and X Membership Presets
  • Scroll and change the preview size to small without affecting images in the Catalog view

The Luminar Neo Update 1.9 is available now from Skylum’s website and through various app stores including Microsoft’s and the Mac App Store, while Luminar Share is available on the iOS and Google Play stores.

Image credits: Skylum