100ASA Launches Long-Awaited iOS App as it Challenges Instagram

100ASA iOS app

Instagram alternative 100ASA has launched its long-awaited iOS app, further enhancing 100ASA’s competitive viability as a social media platform for passionate photographers.

The new 100ASA iOS app promises a user-friendly design and intuitive experience for photographers of all skill levels. Photographers can use the app to discover, share, and engage with fellow photographers. Within the app, users can browse curated photos and upload their images for consideration.

New iOS App Includes 100ASA’s Professional Critiques

Earlier this year, 100ASA announced that its users could solicit feedback from a professional team of curators and critics. 100ASA Professional Critiques allows photographers to submit images for evaluation.

“As personal photo coaches, we give constructive feedback to improve your photography regardless of skill level. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, a picture-taker, or a professional photographer,” 100ASA explains.

The new app will provide users with another avenue to receive feedback, including professional photo critiques.

Community Curation Helps The Best Photos be Seen by More People

One of 100ASA’s strengths is its community curation system. This curatorial approach enables users to rate and comment on photos, with the ratings helping the best work float to the top and be seen by more users. The app promises to be an excellent place for photographers to find inspiration and learn new ways they may be able to improve their work.

“We’re thrilled to be launching our iOS app, which will make it easier for photographers to engage with the 100ASA community from anywhere in the world. Our platform is built on collaboration and learning from each other, and we believe the app will make it even easier for photographers to do just that,” says Andrea Turri, co-founder of 100ASA.

100ASA’s New Rewards Program Gives Users Points for Using the App

The app includes 100ASA’s new rewards program. Users can earn points by performing various actions on the platform, including uploading photos, commenting on images, and participating in 100ASA’s various photography challenges.

“We’re excited about the rewards program, as it’s a way for us to give back to the community and help our users to improve their photography skills,” says Massimiliano Peluso, co-founder of 100ASA. “We believe the app will be a game-changer for anyone who loves photography and wants to connect with like-minded people.”

Reward points can be exchanged for membership discounts, free memberships, professional critiques, Amazon gift cards, merchandise, books, and charitable donations. More rewards will be added to the catalog soon.

Accessibility and Education are Important Tenets of 100ASA’s Mission

The 100ASA iOS app and the web version are designed to be accessible to all photographers, regardless of their experience level. The platform also includes resources to help photographers learn new skills, including tutorials, tips and tricks, and exclusive content from professional photographers.

“We’re committed to making photography accessible to everyone, regardless of their skill level or background. Our platform is designed to be a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone can learn and grow together,” says Turri.

100ASA as an Instagram Alternative

While there has been an Android version of 100ASA for years, the iOS app has been a long time coming. 100ASA first revealed plans for its iOS app back in 2021. The iOS app’s launch is essential to 100ASA’s goal to provide an appealing alternative to Instagram.

100ASA hasn’t been shy about its goal to provide photographers with a better platform than Instagram, especially as Instagram has continually focused on “Reels,” sponsored content, and advertising. In 2021, Peluso said that Instagram had “lost its identity.”

100ASA wants to create a productive, helpful, and welcoming space for enthusiastic photographers to share their work and view the inspiring photos captured by others.

Earlier this year, 100ASA told PetaPixel, that “100ASA is a unique photography platform that emphasizes quality over quantity and class over mass.”

100ASA iOS app
100ASA is also available as a native iPad app

Part of the company’s approach to “quality over quantity” is limiting the activity of free members. While users with free accounts can upload unlimited photos, they can submit only three for curation consideration per week. Pro and Pro Plus memberships offer additional submissions and many other benefits. The membership options are explained in detail on 100ASA’s website.

Image credits: 100ASA