Photographers are Using ChatGPT to Make Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipes

ChatGPT has already proven to be a powerful tool for writing and answering questions, but it also has the knowledge to help photographers create their own custom photo styles for Fujifilm and Sony cameras.

A member of the Fujifilm Film Simulation Facebook group managed to create his own film simulation for his Fujifilm camera using ChatGPT, as reported by Fuji Rumors.

“Today I asked ChatGPT to create a Fuji Film Recipe for the GFX50R that mimicked Kodak Tri-X Pushed One Stop and it created me a pretty respectable emulation,” they write.

Fellow group member Andrea Pizzini, who also manages Sony Alpha Rumors, was quick to try it for himself and shared his results in a pair of YouTube videos, one for Fujifilm cameras and one for Sony cameras.

After firing up ChatGPT, he asked it to “make a Fujifilm simulation recipe based on Kodak Tri-X for the FUjifilm GFX100 camera.” The original response was, as he says, “quite long,” so he asked it to make it more compact. The result was a five-bullet-point recipe that, at least based on Pizzini’s results, looks very much like what he was asking for.

ChatGPT Film Simulation recipe

Since Pizzini is known more as the “Sony Alpha Rumors Guy” it should not surprise many that he next tried to apply the same method to creating a Sony picture style.

He asked ChatGPT to provide him a “new Sony camera picture profile based on Kodak Tri-X,” which was generated as an eight-step instruction:

ChatGPT Film Simulation recipe

After trying it out, Pizzini says that he thinks the results are “quite close to the Kodak Tri-X look” and appears to be so impressed with what it has been able to do so far that he is going to spend more time considering what else the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot can assist with.

One question remains though: where is ChatGPT coming up with these results? AI platforms need to be trained on something in order to learn how to respond to queries, so the only reason ChatGPT would be able to generate these kinds of results is if it were trained on other similar results. Fuji Rumors suggests it is possible that it is looking at recipes posted on sites like OnecCameraOneLens, for example, but without more research or a direct explanation from the chatbot’s developer, it’s difficult to say for certain.