Zenfolio Now Offers Unlimited Photo Storage and 4K Video Hosting


Zenfolio is resurrecting a long since thought dead cloud feature: unlimited storage. The company says it is part of the ProSuite Service platform, which also includes marketing, workflow, scheduling, and e-commerce features.

The business solutions company (basically, a customer relationship management system, or CRM), which bought website design brand Format in 2021, has been in the process of building out a new version of its services including a new website system and client management suite for the last couple of years. As part of that, the company has rolled out new pricing tiers with the highest now offering truly unlimited photo storage.

“Photographers on the new, cutting-edge Zenfolio platform never have to worry about photo or video file cloud storage with unlimited storage available on the ProSuite service tier,” the company says.

“Professional photographers not only have access to a robust set of marketing, workflow, scheduling, and e-commerce features, but also all the dependable and secure online storage they need to accommodate all types of projects and clients for years to come.”


In addition to the unlimited storage, Zenfolio has also upped the video resolution on the platform — a feature it rolled out a little more than a year ago — to support 4K video. While it does require the most expensive tier, Zenfolio says that its platform can now support 4K video files up to 60-minutes long or as large as 30GB.

Zenfolio has been aggressively adding onto he value proposition of its platform. The company offers three tiers of service — Portflio, Portflio Plus, and ProSuite — that start at $9 per month and go as high as $40 ($7 to $33 per month when billed annually). As expected, ProSuite is the most feature-rich of the offerings and not only allows photographers to store as much photo content as they want on the platform, but also includes shareable client galleries, the ability to make and host a multi-page website with a custom domain, a full integrated e-commerce platform, and both BookMe and PhotoRefine.ai. BookMe is an online scheduling tool while PhotoRefine.ai is an application that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce the amount of time photographers spend grouping, rating, and culling images after a photo session.

Taken as a group, the value proposition is uniquely rich. There are few platforms that come close to offering this many services for at most $40 a month, and Zenfolio’s offerings have the additional benefit of being integrated together so they work in tandem with one another.

Details of each of Zenfolio’s pricing tiers can be found on its website.

Image credits: Zenfolio