Zenfolio ProSuite is a New All-in-One Solution for Pro Photographers

Zenfolio has just launched its new ProSuite plan, an all-in-one business solution designed specifically to help professional photographers manage and grow their business using intelligent automation.

Since launching over a decade ago, Zenfolio has become the leading option for photographers looking to build a photography portfolio website for showing work, attracting new customers, and marketing their services.

The new ProSuite plan is the third to be launched since Zenfolio’s platform revamp in early 2021, following on the heels of the Portfolio and PortfolioPlus plans. While the first two plans were geared toward aspiring and part-time photographers, the new ProSuite plan was built for advanced professional photographers.

ProSuite is a combination of an easy-to-use website builder, interactive photo galleries, an e-commerce solution, and workflow automation. On the backend, photographers are supported by sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) tools and integrated booking, real-time scheduling, invoicing, payment, and automatic fulfillment.

Zenfolio’s goal with ProSuite is to allow photographers to spend more time enjoying what they love (i.e. shooting and editing photos) and less time stressing over what they don’t (i.e. the tedious chores of running a business).

“ProSuite is a gamechanger for the professional photographer, helping them drive more revenue with intelligent, automated business processes,” says Zenfolio Chief Product Officer Munib Siddiqi. “Using ProSuite is like having a dedicated tech, marketing, and admin team, helping the photographer elevate their ​​business.”

Photographers using Zenfolio’s ProSuite can manage their business from anywhere, anytime using their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

First, you can use ProSuite’s advanced website builder to easily set up your own photography portfolio website from scratch. There are ready-made templates that give you thousands of options for customizing your site to look, feel, and work exactly the way you want. Designing is done with drag-and-drop content blocks, so you won’t need to know the slightest bit of web design or coding.

Once your website is up, current and prospective customers can browse your mobile-friendly, interactive galleries and purchase photos they like. You can create custom galleries by event, client, or project.

As you work to build up your Rolodex of customers, ProSuite’s automated client marketing campaigns will work around the clock to help you make money, selling work from your past photo shoots as digital, print, and photo gifts. You can sell your work (with prices you set) as over 1,000 products using lab partners (Millers and Bay Photo) integrated with ProSuite. Products are shipped directly to your clients, and payment is made directly to you.

A client’s shopping cart.
A client placing an order.

ProSuite helps to streamline everything from booking clients to getting photos delivered after a photo shoot thanks to the integrated calendaring, invoicing, and payment solution. You can automate bookings, sell pre-paid packages, and utilize auto fulfillment.

Scheduling in ProSuite is a piece of cake using Zenfolio’s BookMe, which launched earlier this year.

“Streamline, manage, and get paid for all your bookings in one convenient place design sessions or even mini sessions to meet your needs,” Zenfolio says. “BookMe syncs with Google Calendar. “So clients can see your availability and pricing while you block out free time and avoid double booking.”

Other features of ProSuite include 1TB of storage (for an estimated 150,000 photos), multiple watermarks for branding work across different photo businesses, and more — Zenfolio says it is committed to continually building upon ProSuite with new features launched every two weeks.

Here’s a short 1-minute video introducing Zenfolio ProSuite:

If Zenfolio’s new ProSuite plan sounds like something you need to launch your photography business or take it to the next level, you can subscribe now over at Zenfolio’s website.

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