The Winning Aerial Photos from the SkyPixel 2023 Competition

SkyPixel 2023 Winners
Harvesting Grass, huybank

SkyPixel, one of the most popular aerial imagery online communities in the world, has announced the winners of the eighth annual Photo and Video Contest.

Co-organized with DJI, the competition — which was started in 2014 — brought in more than 65,000 entries, which is a 120% increase from last year. The SkyPixel platform hosts over 42 million users and says that thousands of aerial images and videos are uploaded daily.

“Perhaps what drew more submissions than ever to this year’s contest was its central theme, ‘The Story Behind.’ With this concept in mind, SkyPixel called upon users to share what mattered to them most, both with the photo and video work they submitted and the reflections they shared on their submission page,” the competition says. “Stories filled each of the contest categories, from nature and travel, to city and sports”

While the quality of images remains high, the organization of the competition is slightly different this year than in previous years.

SkyPixel 2023 Winners
On Fire, Andrea Marongiu

For 2023, SkyPixel named two “Annual Best Work Prizes,” one Grand Prize for a video submission and another for a photo submission. Additionally, the organization named 10 top videos and 10 top photos. There is additionally 10 “Nominated” winners that include five photos and five videos, and a final 10 “People’s Choice” winners that are also divided evenly between five photos and five videos.

SkyPixel 2023 Winners
Harvesting water mimosa, caokynhan
SkyPixel 2023 Winners
Sea Me, Joanna Steidle

The Grand Prize winners each receive over $15K in prizes that include the Hasselblad 907X Anniversary Edition Kit, a trophy, and an award certificate. Top 10 Photo and Top 10 Video winners will each receive the DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo (DJI RC Pro) or its DJI Credit equivalent, a trophy, and an award certificate with a total value of $4,048. The 10 Nominated Prizes will each receive the Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo and award certificate with a total value of $439. Finally, the 10 People’s Choice Prizes will each receive the Osmo Mobile 6 and award certificate, with a total value of $159.

“As the SkyPixel 8th Annual Photo & Video Contest draws to a close, the works shared in these three months reveal that all over the world, the passion for exploration, wonder, and storytelling is stronger than ever,” SkyPixel says.

SkyPixel 2023 Winners
工业伤痕-燃烧的大地, 韩凯

“Whether from the ground with a handheld camera or above with an aerial drone, the possibilities for discovery are still endless. DJI and SkyPixel are grateful to the community for creating a reminder of the beauty around us, and look forward to the continued works to be shared on the platform.”

SkyPixel 2023 Winners
囚笼, 是梨某人啊

In contrast to previous years, DJI and SkyPixel want to keep most of the viewing of the winners on the SkyPixel platform, so the photos above are not fully indicative of the winners. For that, please visit the SkyPixel 2023 results page.

Image credits: Photos provided courtesy or DJI, SkyPixel