The Winning Aerial Photos from the SkyPixel 2022 Competition

SkyPixel Competition

One of the world’s most popular aerial photography communities, SkyPixel, has announced the winners of the seventh-annual Aerial Photo and Video competition.

The competition, supported by DJI, attracted nearly 30,000 submissions from 124 countries and regions. Started in 2014, the SkyPixel online community has attracted over 37 million aerial photographers and videographers from more than 140 countries.

There are six video categories and four photo categories and the competition awards a First, Second, and Third Prize to each along with a Grand Prize overall winner and a Mavic 3 Limited Award that must feature content captured with a Mavic 3. The Grand Prize is a package of DJI products that is valued at $7,500, the Mavic 3 winners receive a package worth $6,000, and the First, Second, and Third prize winners receive packages worth $3,198, $2,038, and $1,118 respectively.

All submissions have been assessed by the Judging Panel of professionals in the industry, including Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Alex Mellis, Pieter de Vries, Stefan Foster, Karim Iliya, and Yunshan Yu.

The winning video awards can be viewed on the SkyPixel competition website. This year, the Grand Prize in the Photo category was captured by Zhu Jianxin for a photo of a frozen lake after a heavy snow in the Taklamakan Desert. The photo was captured with a DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

“Photography as an art form always comes from life. It is born from nature. I am amazed by how a drone changes my perspective and helps me capture the beauty of our world,” Jianxin says.

SkyPixel 2022 Competition
Orchid | Zhu Jianxin

Below are the other winning photographers, divided into each of the prize-winning categories.

Mavic 3 Limited Award

SkyPixel 2022 Competition
China Animation Museum in the Mist | 张力视觉

First Prize

SkyPixel 2022 Competition
Scream | Никита Духник
SkyPixel 2022 Competition
Collecting Bang Grass | binhd7
SkyPixel 2022 Competition
Shadow Basketball II | Ekaterina Polischuk
SkyPixel 2022 Competition
Perfect Chaos | sarazanini

Second Prize

SkyPixel 2022 Competition
冰与火 | 行者
SkyPixel 2022 Competition
石之纪元 | 不想取这破名儿
SkyPixel 2022 Competition
山水之源 | Mark的视界
SkyPixel 2022 Competition
异星球度假 | 张扬的小 强

Third Prize

Mars | Lou
横卧在东湖之上的金如意 | goericgo
争上游 | AndyAndy
耕 | 空山鸟语

The remaining winners of the “Nominated Entries” and the “People’s Choice Prize” can be viewed on SkyPixel along with all of the winning video entries in the multiple categories.

Image credits: All photos are individually credited and published courtesy of DJI and the 2022 SkyPixel Competition.