ImagenAI Adds Subject Mask AI Tool and Profile Sharing Capabilities

ImagenAI profile sharing
ImagenAI now includes the ability to share a personal AI editing profile with up to three fellow photographers.

Imagen has added new features to its artificial intelligence-powered (AI) photo editing solution, ImagenAI, including subject mask editing and the ability to share an AI profile with additional photographers.

ImagenAI is a personalized photo editing assistant that learns a photographer’s style over time, allowing Lightroom Classic users to bulk edit images in a personal style. Whereas AI is typically built into tools photographers use when editing individual photos, ImagenAI promises to speed up editing workflows and reduce tedious grunt work by using AI to faithfully replicate and automatically apply a photographer’s complete editing style to a large batch of images.

Since PetaPixel reviewed ImagenAI last year, the service has continually improved and has regularly added new features. Beyond feature improvements, ImagenAI becomes more proficient as photographers upload more images to their editing profiles as the AI learns to recreate editing styles better as it’s trained on additional photos.

In the spirit of reducing tedious editing, ImagenAI’s new subject mask editing feature uses artificial intelligence to find a subject in the photo automatically. This provides additional flexibility when a subject requires editing separate from the rest of the scene.

ImagenAI subject masking

Starting last October, ImagenAI users have been able to download AI profiles created by industry-leading photographers, each with unique editing styles. The Talent AI Profiles further reduces the individual work users must do to edit images.

ImagenAI Talent AI

ImagenAI’s new profile sharing allows every photographer, not just famous ones featured by Imagen, to share their personal AI profile with colleagues and friends. It’s even easier than sharing a Lightroom Preset, as users must only enter an email address within ImagenAI to share their profile. Personal AI profiles can be shared with up to three different accounts. The original owner retains complete control over their AI profile, and only the owner can upload final edits to fine-tune their profile.

“We are committed to making post-production easier and more efficient for the Imagen Community,” says Scott Wyden Kivowitz, Content and Community Manager at Imagen. “These new features will help the Imagen Community save time and effort during post-production.”

ImagenAI is available for PC and Mac users via a subscription service that starts at $7 per month. Users can freely switch between their personal AI profile and available Talent AI profiles at any time. An additional per-image fee ranges from $0.04 to $0.06 per photo. The monthly subscription payment is used against the final monthly bill, meaning it counts towards the cost of monthly edited images. During an ongoing beta period, the new subject masking feature is free.

Imagen promises more features soon, including AI-powered image culling. Imagen says, “In our ongoing effort to modernize the post-production workflow and help photographers save time, we’re going to be launching a new feature to speed up and streamline the culling process.” A release window for the new culling feature was not available at the time of publication.

Image credits: Imagen