The Google Pixel 7’s Camera Randomly Cracks, According to Some Users

pixel 7

Some Google Pixel 7 owners have been reporting the glass covering the rear cameras has unexpectedly shattered.

Disgruntled users have taken to Reddit and Twitter to complain the cover have been breaking, stressing they haven’t had an accident with it.

“Not even a month, no drops just regular use. Have a case on the phone. Been told it’s my problem. Is this really the quality control backed by Google?” Writes Heydon Faber.

“It’s clearly a manufacturing defect, and I know I’m not the only one. Please fix this Google.”

One Reddit user described how he was flying to his parent’s house for Thanksgiving when he realized his Google Pixel 7 was damaged.

“I pulled my phone out of my pocket to scan my boarding pass and what do I see? Cracked camera glass over the ultrawide side of the lens (so much so that glass is actually flaking off). A nice TSA lady gave me a piece of tape to prevent further flaking,” they say.

“I’m running a case, haven’t dropped the phone once, and it was literally fine 30 minutes ago. I’m quite p***** considering I don’t know what I did to crack it.”

Another Twitter user says his phone spontaneously shattered,

“It’s not good enough and a clear design fault. This phone will be replaced for free, but what are the odds that the new version lasts two years, not two days.”

Despite the issues surrounding Google’s flagship smartphone, and the previous issues of spontaneously cracking screen the Pixel 6 had. The Pixel 7 has received favorable reviews.