The CosmoCap Camera Body Cap Hides a Secret AirTag Compartment

CosmoCap and Satellites

Kuvrd has announced the CosmoCaps and Satellites, camera body caps and small silicone sleeves that together allow photographers to track their cameras with AirTags.

The company, which successfully launched a Kickstarter for its universal lens caps in 2017 (and has since followed them up with version 2.0), has created its version of a camera body cap that hides a compartment for an AirTag. The idea isn’t new, as Nine Volt launched its set of similar body caps earlier this year.

CosmoCap and Satellites

The system is actually two parts: the CosmoCap body cap and the “Satellite,” which is where the AirTag hides. Starting with the body cap, it’s a design that Kuvrd calls “low profile,” and it is a lot smaller than the one made by Nine Volt. The CosmoCap body caps are also made out of machined aluminum and anodized in a flat black, which is in contrast to the plastic used by Nine Volt — and pretty much every other body cap.

What makes the CosmoCap stand out further is that it is designed to work with either Canon EF/RF or Sony E mount cameras, but each version also works with PL, a mount that is commonly used by filmmakers. The company says that filmmakers will often struggle with a large number of body and lens caps that they need to carry around and the fact that the CosmoCap works with both modern mirrorless mounts as well as PL helps keep filmmakers more organized.

The other half of this equation are the Satellites, which is the name for Kuvrd’s AirTag compartment. These silicon containers have a self-adhesive backing that lets them stick not only to the interior of the CosmoCap, but also to any number of objects. The company says that it can stick to any flat surface without “ever falling off.”

CosmoCap and Satellites

Kuvrd also claims that it has the smallest footprint of any AirTag holder on the market, making it the most discreet and versatile carrier available.

CosmoCap and Satellites

When used in tandem with the CosmoCap, the Sattelite is only accessible after the cap has been removed from the body, with Kurvd says keeps it hidden and is therefore more difficult to find. The company also seems to indicate that the Satellites should work with traditional body caps, so buying the CosmoCap isn’t a necessity to add AirTag tracking to a camera collection.

Kuvrd has launched the CosmoCap and Satellites on Kickstarter, where one cap can be backed for $50 (eventually it will cost $80) while a four-pack of the Satellites costs $15 (this will eventually be sold for $20). Those and other backing options can be found on the company’s Kickstarter.

Disclaimer: Make sure you do your own research into any crowdfunding project you’re considering backing. While we aim to only share legitimate and trustworthy campaigns, there’s always a real chance that you can lose your money when backing any crowdfunded project.

Image credits: Kuvrd