Model Enraged by People Walking into Her Shot is Ridiculed by Social Media

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A video of a model becoming frustrated with people getting in the way of her shot in a busy train station has sparked a furious debate on social media regarding photoshoots in public places.

Model Antonia Freya Lydia (@turnttoni) shared a behind-the-scenes video on TikTok from a photoshoot she did on the London Underground, in which she looks visibly unimpressed as commuters walk into her pictures and block the camera.

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In the behind-the-scenes footage, Lydia attempts to take an “aesthetic” video of herself elegantly standing on the platform as the trains rush past behind her.

However, she is seen rolling her eyes, pursing her lips, and becoming exasperated as tube passengers disrupt the shoot and walk into her frame as she attempts to get the perfect shot.

Lydia’s behind-the-scenes clip, which has racked up 7.7 million views on TikTok, had led to social media users arguing whether she was correct to get annoyed by people ruining her photoshoot.

TikToker @itsprestonlr posted a response video on Tuesday, which amassed a further 1.2 million views, in which he openly condemned Lydia.

“Why are you mad? Do you expect people to wait? They’re trying to get to work! They’re trying to get somewhere and you’re getting mad,” he tells Lydia. “Like some people have real jobs. This is ridiculous, it’s hard to watch.”


please forgive these people for ruining your photoshoot

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Many viewers agreed with him. A user expressed their annoyance with “content creators” who “think that public spaces” are their personal “photography studios.”

“I hate when people do photoshoots in random public places like people are walking, get lost,” writes one individual.

Another viewer similarly comments “Imagine going to the subway where thousands of people go every day to get to places and expecting to have a photoshoot without getting interrupted.”

However, others defended Lydia and said that photography was a real profession too, as one user writer writes “It’s fine, she’s also trying to do her job!”

Photography fans understood Lydia’s frustration with passers-by during the shoot and suggested that people should walk behind her camera instead.

A content creator writes “I get annoyed when I’m trying to take a picture and people can easily walk elsewhere because there’s plenty of room.”

“I’d be annoyed too. People should just walk behind the camera she is not doing anything wrong,” remarks a viewer.

Another TikTok user could relate to Lydia’s efforts to get the perfect shot: “she just got annoyed because it took her so many tries to get a good shot.”

Meanwhile, a photography fan suggested that Lydia use the crowds of passengers to her advantage in the image. “She could’ve held the pose and done a long exposure that would’ve been cooler [with] all the people blasting by as a blur,” suggests the viewer.

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Image credits:Photos by Antonia Freya Lydia.