TTArtisan’s New 25mm f/2 APS-C Compact Lens Costs Just $55

TTArtisan 25mm f2

TTArtisan has announced a new 25mm f/2 lens for multiple APS-C mounts that costs a measly $55.

The company says that it is the “best budget lens” and is making it available for Sony E, Fujifilm X, EOS-M, Micro Four Thirds, Canon RF, Nikon Z, and Leica L mounts and is claiming a massive 95% off sale that makes the lens a very affordable $55. For some reason, TTArtisan thinks that it can claim this lens is worth $10,000 and is just significantly discounted.

TTArtisan 25mm f2

At any rate, the company says it has an equivalent focal length to full-frame of 37.5mm, which it says is “close to the natural field of human eyesight” and therefore meets the shooting needs of a variety of subjects. More specifically, it has an angle of view of 61-degrees. TTArtisan says the compact design improves its portability and makes it convenient for use every day.

It is constructed of seven elements in five groups and is a fully manual focus lens with no electronic connection with any of the cameras for which it is designed to work. It features a front filter diameter of 43mm and the lens weighs “around 166 to 189 grams” which is a rather wide range, but that’s the best that TTArtisan can provide.

The lens is a relatively fast f/2 that TTArtisan says not only makes shooting in low light possible but also produces a “beautiful bokeh” in the out-of-focus areas. It has a full aperture range of f/2 through f/16 via a seven-bladed diaphragm which is, like the focus, fully manually controlled.

The 25mm f/2 has a close focusing distance of 0.25 meters (about 9.8 inches) that TTArtisan says makes it possible to shoot objects at a closer distance for showcasing detail.

Whether or not the $10,000 value on TTArtisan’s website is meant to be taken seriously, $55 for a compact lens with a maximum aperture of f/2 is a very good deal even if the lens doesn’t perform super well. For new photographers looking to experiment with a new lens, it is a very low barrier to entry at under $60.

The TTArtisan 25mm f/2 APS-C Compact Lens is available directly from the company’s website starting today.