Peakto Adds Support for AI-Focused Software Editor Luminar Neo

Peakto Update

Photo cataloger Peakto announced Thursday that it is adding support for Luminar Neo.

Peakto, made by Cyme, already works with a number of platforms, including Lightroom Classic, Apple Photos, Aperture, and Instagram, among others. Meanwhile, Skylum’s Luminar Neo is a photo editor with a focus on AI¬†tools to change backgrounds, alter skin texture, and manipulate lighting. It also integrates with Photoshop, Lightroom, and Apple Photos. Luminar Neo is also different from Skylum’s Luminar and Luminar AI products.

“What sets this compatibility apart is its in-depth interconnection. Peakto now serves as the ultimate cataloging companion for Luminar Neo, offering more than just photo organization and viewing. It takes things to the next level,” a release from Peakto explains.

Peakto Update

Peakto will continuously synchronize with Luminar Neo, so users won’t have to wonder if they’re seeing the more recent version of a file they were working on. Multiple versions will be visible, as well. Users can drag and drop within Peakto to use Luminar’s features, and can take files edited on other platforms and make Luminar Neo versions.

“Many photographers desire the power and simplicity of Luminar Neo. However, concerns about fragmented photo catalogs scattered across various editing platforms, disparate formats, and the lack of consistent management features have been obstacles for users. As a universal cataloger, Peakto facilitates this adoption by consolidating all photos into a unified interface and enhancing Luminar Neo with exclusive photo management tools,” reads a release from Peakto.

Peakto works with Mac and can be purchased for a one-time payment of $189 or through an annual ($60) or monthly ($10) subscription. Luminar Neo costs $15 a month, $99 a year, or $149 every two years. It also has a one-time $249 payment option.

Peakto Update

Peakto has been adding support for a number of platform since launching earlier this year, including Lightroom Creative Cloud (in addition to its prior support of Lightroom Classic) and Pixelmator. In July, the Mac app added “Conversational Search,” allowing users to describe images, which the software uses AI to comb through their library to find the relevant images.

Peakto is optimized for Apple Silicon, including the recent M2 chips, and requires macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later. There is a 15-day free trial available.

Image credits: Peakto