The Spinn CW.01 is a Soft Yet Self-Adhesive Protective Wrap for Cameras

CW.01 Protective Wrap

Spinn.Design has announced a new self-adhesive protective wrap for cameras and lenses. The company promises that its CW.01 protective wrap quickly turns items dust, scratch, and shockproof in seconds without Velcro or zippers.

The German-based company says that with its CW.01 protective wrap, all “sensitive” items like cameras, lenses, filters, tablets, laptops, or binoculars can be protected against dust and scratches quickly in a way that doesn’t take up very much space. Wrapping takes seconds and allows items to be stowed safely and securely even outside of typical specialized carry cases.

In short, Spinn claims that the CW.01 can turn any backpack into a camera backpack.

CW.01 Protective Wrap

CW.01 Protective Wrap

“In my long career as a cameraman/DoP, I have always been annoyed by the awkward handling of lenses, cameras, filters, batteries, and the like. The lenses alone, have to be fitted with two caps every time they are changed, and the filters also have to be unscrewed for this purpose — this costs valuable time on the set, is cumbersome to the max, and you usually end up with fingerprints on the lenses afterward,” product developer Kai Wiehagen says.

CW.01 Protective Wrap

The CW.01 doubles as a cleaning rag, similar to a microfiber cloth. The company claims that if an item becomes smudged or dirty, it can be cleaned quickly with the same cloth that protects it for storage.

The CW.01 works similarly to Velcro in that its two surfaces are covered in either hooks or loops that cling to each other. But unlike Velcro, the hooks and loops aren’t rigid and are instead soft, which the company says makes it highly shock absorbant due to “high grammage.”

CW.01 Protective Wrap

The protective wrap clings to itself easily and Spinn says that it will only become loose when lightly pulled apart.

“No matter what you want to pack with the SPINN CW.01 — its adhesive force will hold — under almost any load,” the company claims.

The CW.01 is available to back on Kickstarter (which, at the time of publication, has already reached its funding goal) in three sizes: Small 28×28 centimeters (11×11 inches), Medium 38×38 centimeters (15×15 inches), and Large 48×48 centimeters (19×19 inches). The protective wrap starts at 16 euros and the company expects to ship units by September.

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