Want to Learn Street Photography? Here’s a Free Hour-Long Video Course

Street photography is one of the most popular forms of the art but is also one of the most challenging to perfect. This one-hour-long in-depth video guide was put together to help anyone become a master of the craft.

The video is produced by Jason Vong and follows Kenneth Hines, Jr., who is also known as “Professor Hines,” around New York where he teaches his techniques. It is a free, in-depth tutorial that is so comprehensive, Vong calls it the ultimate guide to street photography.

Hines is a former celebrity photographer and Sony Ambassador. He was the featured splash screen cover artist for Adobe Lightroom 2021 and a speaker at Adobe MAX 2021. He’s also been a featured speaker with Zeiss at Photoplus, ImagingUSA, and WPPI. His work has been featured in numerous publications such as Celebrity Bride Guide, Life & Style Weekly, Brides, The Weather Channel, The Atlantan Magazine, and Curbed Atlanta. Additional companies he’s worked with have included Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Sotheby Realty, International Interior Design Association, Sony Xperia, and Sony Professional Solutions USA.

“This course was meant to be a follow-up to our first Street Photography video interview with Kenneth Hines Jr. (aka Professor Hines) ‘5 Priceless Street Photography Tips From A Pro!’ which garnered over 1.4 million views since publishing,” Vong tells PetaPixel.

ultimate guide to street photography

“It’s also one of the top three video search results when you google Street Photography. Since we saw there was an audience interested in street photography, we wanted to make a full-length course following Kenneth’s entire photography workflow.”

ultimate guide to street photography

The massive hour-long tutorial video covers multiple chapters that focus on different aspects of the craft such as composition, lighting, gear and lens choices, whether it is ok to talk to strangers, the best time to shoot street photography, and many more.

“This free hour-long course covers many different chapters while following the Professor on the NYC streets — from the gear to the techniques down to the final edit,” Vong says.

ultimate guide to street photography

“We start with techniques, covering composition, lighting, and motion. There’s an entire section on gear and lens choices, diving into using manual versus autofocus lenses. At the end of the course, the Professor will go through an entire edit of some of the images captured during the session. We even cover a bit on the legality of street photography, which is probably one of the most asked questions that we get,” he adds.

ultimate guide to street photography

ultimate guide to street photography

“This course was designed to be packed full of content and encouraged to be rewatched across different sessions. We’re hoping with this course that the viewers find the content educational and hopefully inspire them to take your street photography game to the next level!”

Vong says that the best part about the course is that it’s completely free and available to anyone, no strings attached, and is an excellent accompaniment to PetaPixel’s complete guide to street photography. The full tutorial can be seen above or found on Vong’s YouTube channel.

Image credits: Photos by Kenneth Hines.