Pixelmator Pro Adds Photoshop-Like Color and Effects Adjustment Layers

pixelmator pro version 2.4

Pixelmator Pro has announced version 2.4, codenamed Odessa, which brings a redesigned Layers sidebar along with color adjustments and effects layers, over 200 new vector shapes, and optimization for M1 Ultra.

More Powerful Layers and Better M1 Ultra Performance

Update 2.4 brings a redesigned Layers sidebar with a new look and a range of usability improvements. The company says that different layer types — such as images, shapes, text, RAW layers, groups, and other layers — are now much more easily recognizable. Layers will now also feature subtitles that show the most relevant information about a layer at a glance, with different subtitles for different layer types. For example, font size and typeface in text layers, camera information for RAW layers, and the size of image layers.

Pixelmator Pro 2.4

By using a color or effects adjustment layer, users can nondestructively adjust colors and apply effects to entire layered compositions, even with a photo that has hundreds of layers, similar to the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop.

Pixelmator Pro 2.4
Redesigned Layers Sidebar

“One of the things that users love most about Pixelmator Pro is how it makes advanced layer-based image editing incredibly easy,” Simonas Bastys, lead developer at the Pixelmator Team, says. “And with the addition of color adjustments and effects layers, layer-based editing in Pixelmator Pro becomes even more powerful, enabling all-new workflows, such as advanced selective editing of photos.”

Pixelmator Pro 2.4 also adds over 200 new, artist-designed vector shapes in categories like science, activities, and symbols. As vectors, they are resolution-independent so these shapes can be resized to fit any design or illustration. PixelMator says that the vector points have been meticulously crafted to be pixel-perfect so that their vector points align to pixel boundaries, which eliminates unwanted blurring.

Pixelmator Pro 2.4

The update also includes support for M1 Ultra and machine learning (ML) model optimizations. Pixelmator says that this means ML-powered tasks, like automatic background removal, super resolution, and photo enhancement are up to 1.7 times faster on M1 Ultra compared to M1 Max. Other new features include a “Scrubby Zoom” mode, the ability to unlink layer masks, and what the company describes as a wide range of smaller improvements.

Pricing and Availability

Pixelmator Pro 2.4 Odesa is available today exclusively from the Mac App Store as a free update for existing users and $39.99 for new customers. Pixelmator Pro requires macOS Catalina or later and full system requirements can be read on the company’s website.