This Camera-Shaped Multi-Tool Squeezes 12 Tools into a Tiny Package

Yanko Camera Shaped Multi-Tool

This camera-shaped everyday carry (EDC) multi-tool from Kikkerland Design allows users to carry what is normally several bulky and cumbersome tools in a form factor that can instead easily fit into a wallet.

Kikkerland Design bills itself as a company with one of the world’s largest collections of everyday carry items that combine fashion with function. Established in 1992, the company says it supports and represents independent, self-producing designers from around the world as well as utilizing its 15-person in-house design team to create and develop new products. In addition to sales through its website, Kikkerland says its products can be found in stores and museums around the world.

With an understanding that photographers often need many different tools to properly take advantage of their cameras and accessories, Kikkerland produced this stylish and compact multi-tool to help them save space while not sacrificing preparedness.

A Camera-Shaped Multi-Tool

The small 7.6 x 3.2 x 0.2-centimeter stainless steel all-purpose tool includes a blade edge for cutting, both a flat-head and Phillips screwdriver, two wrenches, a saw blade edge, prybar nail puller, bottle opener, butterfly screw wrench, ruler, keyhole, and even a “Sunny 16 rule guide.”

While every-day-carry items are always useful in any situation, this particular credit-card-sized camera-multi-tool from Kikkerland is extra handy for photographers for its utility, and just plain fun design. For those creatives shooting with film, the multi-tool has a circular cavity in the center to help users pre-visualize and find the best angle for the photograph. Additionally, the screwdrivers and wrench designs can be used to tighten and adjust tripods, grip equipment, and even some minor maintenance/repairs on cameras and lenses themselves should the need arise.

Many of these tools can be found on larger multi-tools like a Leatherman, but are considerably larger and more cumbersome. Kikkerland is positioning this camera-shaped tool as one that can replace larger or more dedicated tools in a pinch and is small enough to always be carried.

While a single tool designed for each specific use will likely be easier to use, it is hard to argue with the value of having all of those options available at a moment’s notice.

Pricing and Availability

The Kikkerland Camera Multi-Tool is available for $5 from the Kikkerland website with free shipping to Canada and the USA.