Peak Design Launches Several New Travel Bags

Peak Design has released 15 new Travel bags in both new sizes and colors including backpacks, pouches, and duffels.

The San Francisco-based and environment-conscious accessory brand says that regardless of the type of travel plans one has, no two trips are the same, which is what sets Peak Design apart from the competition as it claims its Travel bags can adapt to the ever-changing needs of its users.

New Bags Offered from Peak Design

Included in the new product launch are a new 30-liter travel backpack, a big 65-liter duffel bag, tiny new toiletry bags, and an interesting new take on an ultralight and packable tote bag. Along with the new bags, the company has announced several new color options for the existing bags as well as the new additions including Black, Sage, Midnight, and “Raw“. The “Raw” color option is undyed and uses less water and power to produce, which is in line with the company’s environmentally-aware position.

Peak Design 30L Travel Backpack product image

The new 30L Travel Backpacks are branded as the “little brother” to the existing 45L versions. The company says it is best used for weekend trips or as a general daypack when exploring a new location. Then the new 65L Travel Duffel is meant for those who just need to “lug a ton of stuff” from location to location. The new big duffel bag has all the same features as the 35L version except that it is of course bigger and also has padded removable hand straps and removable shoulder strap as well as an end-to-end opening for easy packing and visibility.

Peak Design has alo added new small toiletry bags that feature a magnetic toothbrush pocket and silicone mesh on the interior with a weatherproof inner and outer layer to help prevent the bag from getting “gunked up,” as Peak Design says. The new bag can sit on any surface or hang from a deployable (hidden) aluminum hook for easy and convenient access.

Finally, the company has launched a new packable tote bag made from a single piece of ultralight ripstop nylon and a single carry strap with a sewn-in microfiber pad that is easy to grab for comfier extended use. The tote bags are available in its classic Charcoal or new Raw colors.

With these new bags, the company has also added the aforementioned new color options to many of its existing offerings including the packing cubes and shoe pouches that are expandable, compressible, and dividable to make separating dirty from clean clothes while traveling much easier.

The brand’s products include a lifetime warranty, which is also transferred to new owners of second-hand Peak Design products (if sold through the Peak Design Marketplace). The full list of existing and new products can be found on the company website.