50,000 Film Canisters Were Crushed to Create These Cubes

On May 2nd, 2016, Melbourne, Australia-based independent photo lab Hillvale developed its 50,000th roll of film since opening its doors in 2013. To commemorate the milestone, the lab decided to crush its massive stockpile of empty canisters into cube pieces of art.

Understanding the Basic Laws of Light, Part 2

It's so easy to get caught up in the minutia of photography. Sure, megapixels, microcontrast, MTF charts, and the like are all important, but only after you understand how to work with the most important piece of the photographic puzzle: light.

The Palette Cube is Like a Portable Eyedropper Tool for the Real World

Cube is a small new device from the Australian company Palette. Easily sample colors around you using the portable color digitizer and sample them later on your PC or Mac. While the Cube’s central abilities focus on identifying the beautiful colors that surround us every day, it can also be used for color matching and achieving picture-perfect white balance in photos.

Polaroid’s Cube+ Action Camera Adds Wi-Fi and New Colors to Its Arsenal

Polaroid’s Cube action camera presents an excellent option for adventurers on a budget. The Cube’s CMOS sensor can capture decent 1080p video at 30fps, along with 6MP still JPEG images. Now, the company has announced the Cube+: the next iteration of the action camera series that will be presented at CE Week 2015. Along with two new ‘funky colors’, the Cube+ will be receiving built-in Wi-Fi.

Why Polaroid’s Cube Action Cam is Special

Shopping for an action camera is like shopping for adhesive bandages: you either buy Band-Aids ... or you pick up something  called "Aid Plus Bandages" because they're on sale. And when you bring them home, you just call them Band-Aids anyway.

Landscapes Illuminated by a Floating and Glowing Square

Montreal-based photographer Benoit Paillé's Alternative Landscapes project features photos of various outdoor locations lit with a glowing square. The images aren't Photoshopped: Paillé actually suspends a 1x1 meter cube for the beautiful illumination seen in his images.