Photopea Update Adds Noise Reduction, Color Spaces, and More

Photopea has launched version 5.2 that adds support for color profiles, a CMYK mode, a new noise reduction filter, the ability to add text and strokes, and more.

Photopea is a free browser-based photo editor that is currently PetaPixel’s choice as the best Photoshop alternative in its segment because it bears close similarities to the popular Adobe platform. Photopea is an option for those who want quick access to more in-depth manual editing compared to most free web applications that come packed with filters and quick solutions. It’s also great for those who have a Chromebook and are using Google’s Chrome OS.

Update 5.2 addresses multiple bugs and fixes them as well as adds support for color profiles and a CMYK mode, stroke vector shapes, text background and stroke, a reduce noise filter, arrows for a Line tool. and a “Match Color” feature.

Before this update, Photopea could only render in the sRGB color space, since it was the most popular and used in a majority of images online. It can now detect color space inside a file and render it correctly. That space is maintained during the edit and saved with the image (as a PSD or embedded in the file, such as a JPEG or PNG). Photpea also says that users can create a new document in a non-sRBG color space.

In addition to the color space update, Photopea can now also render in CMYK for files that will be printed.

The application has a new noise reduction filter that is GPU-accelerated to be fast on even large photos:

Another new feature is the ability to color match. Photopea allows editors to replace colors in one image with colors from another:

Beyond photo editing, Photopea now offers text parameters that can be applied in one layer without the use of layer styles, and the Line tool can now draw vector arrows.

Photopea has also added a new feature that allows users to stroke any vector shape with the Brush tool:

Photopea is free to use and accepts a variety of file types. The platform can be tried on