NFL Photographer Hit Hard by Player Flying into Sideline

During last week’s Thursday Night Football contest between the Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos, photographer Matt Starkey took a brutal hit from Broncos’ safety Justin Simmons. Despite this, Starkey never let his camera touch the ground.

During the third quarter of the game, Simmons jumped headlong into the sideline while attempting to intercept a pass and collided into Starkey’s chest.

As noted by Broncoswire, Twitter was abuzz with conversation about the incident with takes ranging from jokes at Starkey’s expense to one who noticed that he was willing to sacrifice his own wellbeing for the sake of his camera.

Starkey captured a few outstanding photos from the game and a fellow photographer even captured one at the exact moment he took the crushing hit. In it, you can see that Starkey was holding two cameras, which made it near impossible for him to properly brace himself against the oncoming hit let alone react fast enough to avoid contact.

Thankfully, Starkey reported in on Twitter after the game that he was ok and even got a photo with Simmons to prove there were no hard feelings.

Starkey was confirmed 100% and was seen at the Browns practice on Monday:

American football players are heavily clad in protective gear which makes them physically harder and heavier when moving at speed. Against one another, injuries are already common, which makes the fact that Starkey and cameras emerged unscathed even more impressive.