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DJI’s Upcoming FPV Drone Leaked in Full Unboxing Video


DJI’s forthcoming first-person-view (FPV) racing drone has been rumored since late last year, but a recent full 10-minute unboxing video of the forthcoming drone shows it off from all angles.

While clearly a display demo unit (as noted by the rather prominant “NOT FOR SALE” and “DISPLAY DEMO” text visible on the box and controller) which means that some things are subject to change before its official release, it’s highly likely that at least what is included in the box as well as the general design of the drone are likely set in stone. Added to this, the look seems to match the model shared by OsitaLV last year:

OsitaLV also shared a link to the full unboxing, which was uploaded to SpiderMonkey FPV on YouTube. In the video, the unusual shape of the drone is visible along with the new controller design which looks very close to a video game console controller. The antennae is also much larger and sits on the top of the controller and take the spot where normally there would either be a built-in screen or place to mount a smartphone. However, since the pilot would be using the drone while wearing goggles, mounting a screen isn’t necessary on this drone.

Speaking of goggles, the video gives a clear look at the new FPV goggles which have four large antennae that stick out of them, giving them a very “cyberpunk” futuristic facade. The unboxing video’s host says that they feel lighter than the ones DJI originally introduced in 2019.

Back to the drone itself, it has a different wing to body orientation than DJI’s other drones. Instead of the propellers laying on the same horizontal axis as the front camera array, they instead tilt forward in a way that appears to be designed to pull the drone forward. Since this is a FPV racing drone, this design likely makes the product significantly faster than DJI’s more photo and video-focused flying cameras.

In addition to the unboxing video above, a short 20-second clip claimed to be from the DJI racing drone has also been uploaded:

More details on what exactly can be expected from this drone will be announced once DJI officially releases it, but for now, this is the best look we’ve seen yet at the unannounced new product line from the drone giant.

(via The Verge)