Artist Combines Photos and Graphics to Create Soothing Minimalist Pieces

An artist who goes by the name adnan. has been combining simple images and graphics to create soothing minimalist imagery. What starts as an unassuming portrait or landscape photo can turn into a captivating piece of artwork.

adnan. is based in New Delhi, India and calls himself a multidisciplinary artist who creates “easy on the eye” artwork. He says that he is always connecting visual strings and as long as the process is challenging they “tick a box” for him.

He says that he combines one or a few photographs with different gemetric shapes and a range of colors to create his finished products. The composite images then take on a life of their own, veering far away from the original source materials.

Starting with something unassuming, adnan. finishes with wholly unique works of art worthy of an album cover or framed on a wall.

“Inspired by the works of other minimalist photographers, I started capturing scenes from my daily life on an iPhone and Nikon camera. Using Cinema4d and Photoshop, I try to turn the mundane shots into a layer of surrealism,” he says.

To give a glimpse into how he creates his work, adnan. provided PetaPixel with the pieces that come together into one of his finished works.

Below is one unassuming image…

…that is combined with vector graphics…

…to become a new, unique piece of art:

“I design to showcase in a simple and clever way the meticulous construction that is based on geometric games and optical illusions,” adnan. tells PetaPixel. “The images are a play of lights and shadows creating a powerful composition with a certain solitude that is halfway between minimalism and surrealism.”

The result can be striking.

While his work is easiest to admire on Instagram, adnan. also lists some of his art on Mojarto for purchase.

Image credits: Photos by adnan. and used with permission.