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How This Photographer Re-Inspired Himself Out of a Creative Rut


After being forced to shelter in place because of the spread of COVID-19, photographer Michael Shainblum found himself in a deep creative rut: he just stopped taking photos. In this 15-minute video, he explains how he pulled himself out of it.

In addition to explaining how he got himself out of that rut, Shainblum also shares his top ten favorite images he captured in the last year. But he doesn’t just show the images, he actually shares how he captured them and what those images mean to him.

“2020… probably not the year any of us wanted,” Shainblum writes. “Certainly not an easy year for anyone. With the stress of this year came creative burnout and the lack of motivation to take new images. As the year went on, I started craving to take photos again – this time focusing on the little details that make a place special. I have taken my home for granted in the past. But if 2020 taught me anything in photography, it’s to focus on your creativity to make an image interesting, rather than the grandeur of a spot. Here is a collection of my favorite top 10 images from the year. I really hope you enjoy them!”

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Image credits: Photos by Michael Shainblum and used with permission.