Photographer Uses DIY Reflecting Pool to Capture Beautiful Flower Photos

Landscape photographer Lewis Carlyle was recently trying to figure out a photo project to do at home, when he came up with a totally unique, never-before-tried idea: close-up photos of flowers. Okay, fine, it’s not exactly revolutionary, but he did manage to put an interesting twist on the concept and create some beautiful images in the process.

The result of his experimentation is a photo series dubbed Reflections.

To capture these images, Carlyle used a kiddie pool and some black fabric to create a DIY reflecting pool in his own backyard in Colorado Springs, CO. Then, he headed over to the super market—an essential business, after all—and picked a vast array of multi-colored flowers to work with. From there it was a simple process of trial and error to create these beautiful, floating flower photos.

Here’s a look at some of what Carlyle was able to create with this simple setup:

Carlyle shares his process in the behind-the-scenes video above, in which he readily admits that this idea won’t blow anyone’s mind or revolutionize his portfolio. That said, he still had a lot of fun doing it, and hopes that people will take this reflecting pool idea and create their own unique spin.

Check out the BTS video up top, or head over to Carlyle’s website to see more from the “Reflections” series.

Image credits: All photos by Lewis Carlyle, and used with permission.