Photographer Digs Pool in Forest for ‘Mirrored’ Wildlife Photos

Scottish photographer Alan McFadyen recently spent a great deal of effort digging a pool in a forest. He then used the water’s surface to capture perfectly symmetrical reflection photos of wildlife.

The 50-year-old photographer took advantage of dry days in May and June to dig a large hole in a wooded area of Dumfries, Scotland. He then spent three days filling the hole with 200 buckets of water.

Since there was little water to be found in the area, all kinds of animals soon showed up at the new watering hole, including birds, badgers, squirrels, and a fox.

Thanks to the angle of his hiding spot, McFadyen was able to capture mirrored reflections straight-on.

Photographing a fox at the pool was the goal of the project.

“I had to wait five nights to get the fox but had lots of activity while waiting,” McFadyen says. “Immensely satisfied once I got the shot I was after.”

McFadyen is the same photographer who captured a widely-seen photo of a diving kingfisher and its reflection. You can find more of his work on his Instagram.

Image credits: Photographs by Alan McFadyen/SWNS