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Moment Discontinues Pro Camera App for Android, Blames Phone Makers


Smartphone lens and accessory maker Moment announced today that it would be discontinuing the Android version of its Pro Camera app, because it has simply become too hard to keep up with all of the ‘flavors’ of Android that various phone makers insist on using.

The announcement is up on Moment’s Help site, and it takes phone makers to task for turning something that “should be simple”—delivering a pro-level manual camera app—into a much difficult and resource heavy endeavor.

“The short is that phone makers like to create their own flavor of Android, each with different amounts of access to select camera features,” reads the announcement. “Despite years of messaging phone makers to share their changes and make camera features available to us, we haven’t been able to change this culture.”

Without “dozens of engineers” who could work exclusively on the Android version, it’s simply too difficult to offer Android users the kind of compatibility and features that Moment wants to deliver to its customers.

The current version of Pro Camera will remain on the Google Play store, but it will no longer receive any updates and will stop working for most users sooner or later. As such, Moment recommends interested shooters going with another pro-level app like Filmic Pro, which they describe as “more expensive” but “great.”

This update does not impact the iOS version of the app, which will continue to receive updates and new features.

(via SlashGear)