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The Three Main Advantages of Sony Cameras Over Fujifilm


Last year, Usman Dawood of Sonder Creative decided to switch systems from Sony to Fujifilm for both his stills and video work, but he didn’t end up doing it. In this video, he shares the three main reasons why the switch never happened—in other words: the three “major” advantages of Sony cameras over Fuji.

The point of this video, says Dawood, is not to trash on Fujifilm or turn people off from the system. His goal is to inspire change in a company he respects a great deal.

“I’m producing this video not to point fingers at Fuji, but because I know that Fujifilm listens and they care about their customers,” says Dawood. “I’m producing this video in the hopes that Fujifilm will take these as polite suggestions and maybe implement some of these things in newer cameras that could be coming soon.”

So what are his three reasons? They should sound familiar to both prospective Fuji shooters as well as anybody who made the switch to Sony a few short years ago:

  1. Battery Life – Just like the first couple of iterations of Sony mirrorless cameras, the Fuji X-T series has mediocre battery life at best, especially when compared to DSLRs or the latest Sony full-frame cameras.
  2. Autofocus – While Dawood calls AF on the X-T3 “fantastic” for stills shooting, he says the video autofocus is just “not that great.” Part of the problem is that it looks “too digital”—a snappy focus that’s great for stills but provides no smooth transition for video shooters.
  3. Lenses – Fuji has a great selection of X-series lenses, but Dawood maintains that some “core” lenses are either missing or need to be updated.
  4. Bonus: Crop Mode – On Sony cameras, you can crop in to APS-C mode and get two focal lengths for the price of one, without sacrificing video resolution. Obviously something a crop-sensor camera can’t do, though Fuji could implement its own digital crop.

Fortunately, Fujifilm is already actively working on at least a couple of the above issues. The Fuji X-T3’s autofocus tracking got a big improvement in a recent firmware update, and rumors point to more improvements coming in the Fujifilm X-T4 that’s due out tomorrow. We (and Dawood) will just have to wait and see what’s in store, because these advantages might not be relevant much longer.

(via Fstoppers)