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Fujifilm Releases Important Autofocus Tracking Update for the X-T3


Fujifilm has just released a major firmware update for the X-T3 that claims to improve autofocus tracking in several important ways, including better Eye AF, better Face Detection, and better recognition of foreground objects.

The firmware update, Version 3.20, went live this morning and includes three major updates. The first and most important is labeled simply “enhanced autofocus” and includes:

  • Improving the tracking performance of the eye AF frame, making it easier to attain accurate autofocus on the eyes.
  • Improving face-detection performance when there are faces of different sizes within the same frame, making it easier to attain accurate autofocus.
  • Improving autofocus capability on a foreground subject even when there is a mixture of foreground and background subjects within a AF frame, causing the foreground subject to go out of focus, e.g. when shooting flowers against a busy background.

The update also allows users to save up to 9,999 pictures in each folder on your SD card (up from just 999), and fixes some bugs during video recording, including a “focus hunting” issue at minimum aperture and removing “a black line” that would sometimes show up “on the bottom of the center.”

First Nikon, then Canon, and now Fuji. We’ll have to wait for the real world tests to see just how much this update actually improves AF performance, but we’re happy that these kinds of updates are becoming par for the course with more companies. Fuji started the trend years ago with their frequent Kaizen updates; it’s good to see they haven’t lost their mojo.

The update is live on the Fujifilm website, alongside instructions for downloading and installing it on your X-T3 if you should choose to do so (and we don’t know why you wouldn’t). Click here to learn more or download the update for yourself.

(via Fuji Addict via DPReview)