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Canon to Launch New ‘Camera Cloud Platform’ Called image.canon


Less than two weeks after officially shutting down its last cloud platform, Canon is launching another. So say goodbye to Irista, and hello to image.canon: a new “camera cloud platform” that’s less about storage and more about keeping your camera in sync with PCs, smartphones, and other Web services.

The launch of image.canon was buried in the landslide of Canon news from last night—a new lens, a new DSLR, a portable photo printer, and the DA for the highly anticipated EOS R5—so you could say it flew under the radar.

image.canon is being billed as a “hub for users’ content” that will “allow the transfer of image files from connected compatible PCs, smartphones and external web services.” Essentially, it’s a Canon-branded syncing platform that can be used by professionals, enthusiasts, and amateurs alike to access their photos from anywhere.

Canon outlines three main features for the new platform:

  • Automatic Image Uploading – Beginning with the EOS R5, future Canon cameras will be able to automatically upload full-quality stills and videos to the platform when connected to WiFi. Full res files will be saved for 30 days, after which you’ll still be able to access a 2048px thumbnail.
  • 10GB of Long Term Storage – You can select up to 10GB of photos and videos to store longer than 30 days.
  • Social Media Connectivity – You’ll be able to easily post photos from the image.canon mobile app to “select” social networks and YouTube.

The platform is due to launch in April, and Canon already seems to have big plans to its expansion by partnering with both Google (for storage) and Adobe (for post-processing).

“Starting from June, image.canon will expand both of its partnerships with Google to include original quality backup with Google PhotosTM via Google One TM, a membership plan for expanded storage, as well as Adobe® Creative Cloud® (membership plan),” writes Canon. “In addition to the automatic transfer of images and the ability to edit images in their original quality on partnered services and applications, image.canon will make it easier for users to store and share their images.”

In all honesty, this seems like a solid idea with solid backing from some very big players. We’ll just have to wait and see if it reaches critical mass in terms of usage, because image.canon will go the way of Irista if only a few hundred photographers actually use it. To learn more about the upcoming platform and read a full breakdown of its features, visit the new image.canon website.

Image credits: Header photo by Eriks Abzinovs, CC0