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Canon is Shutting Down Its Irista Cloud Photo Storage Service


Canon has announced that it’s shutting down Irista, the cloud-based photo storage solution it launched for photographers back in 2014.

The news was both posted to the Irista homepage and sent out to members in an email:

“Sadly, we’ve decided to close down Irista,” Canon says. “We would like to thank you for using it over the years; we hope that you’ve enjoyed the service.”

The shutdown is scheduled for January 31st, 2020, at which time all accounts will see their details and data wiped. If you have photos hosted on your Irista account that you’d like to preserve, make sure you sign into Irista before the shutdown date and click the new link found next to “Download All Photos & Videos.” Your data will be downloaded as a ZIP file to your computer.

Unfortunately, things like tags, photo ratings, titles, and albums aren’t part of the exported data, so they’ll be lost when the shutdown rolls around.

Canon appears to have partnered with Adobe to find a new home for Irista members — Canon is providing users with a special promo code that can be redeemed for a free 2 months of 1-terabytes of cloud storage through Adobe Lightroom.