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Sony’s New SDK Lets Developers Make Their Own Remote Camera Solutions


Sony has unveiled a Software Development Kit (SDK) that will give developers remote access to “key camera controls and still image data,” so they can develop their own third-party applications for controlling Sony’s mirrorless full-frame cameras remotely.

According to Sony, the Windows-only SDK is targeted at “commercial customers” who have been looking at Sony’s cameras for use in areas like broadcast and sports. Companies like Telemetrics Inc., who create remote-controlled pan/tilt heads and other advanced gear for controlling cameras from afar.

“The customer’s voice is absolutely critical to all aspects of our business,” explains Deputy President of Sony Imaging Americas Neal Manowitz. “After receiving many requests, we’re excited to finally be able to open our platform in this manner. Companies will now be able to custom develop applications to control our cameras remotely, allowing them to take full advantage of the many innovations in Sony’s lineup including industry-leading autofocus, shooting speeds and much more.”

As we mentioned above, the SDK gives developers remote access to key camera controls and still image data. This includes “adjustment of camera settings, shutter release and live view monitoring.” That way they can “create customized software applications to control Sony cameras remotely from a host PC and get the image data captured with Sony cameras.”

This should make Sony cameras much more appealing (or at least more usable) for high-end sports applications in particular—where remote camera control is a must and Nikon and Canon DSLRs are still the gold standard.

The one major downside is that the SDK only supports the Sony a7R IV and Sony a9 II, but Sony has promised that it “plans to gradually expand the lineup of supported cameras hereafter.” To learn more about or even download the new SDK for yourself, visit the Sony Alpha Universe website or go straight to the Sony Support page.