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37 Camera Shutter Sounds in 3 Minutes and 30 Seconds


Photographer Scott Graham recently put together a video that you’ll either find incredibly boring or oddly satisfying. In preparation for the sale of a large number of his older analog and digital cameras, he created a video showcasing 37 different shutter sounds in 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

This is definitely not the first time we’ve seen this done. Lens Rentals “reviewed” shutter sounds in July (Nikon won…), and we’ve been sharing shutter sound comparison videos for many years. Heck, there was even a video of a bird who was able to mimmic shutter sounds, to say nothing of the recent “ASMR for photographers” videos that have cropped up.

And yet, we still find the variety of shutter mechanisms over the years, and the unique sounds that each of them make, peculiarly enjoyable to listen to one after another—in this case, both film and digital cameras made by Nikon, Minolta, Canon, Fuji, Yashica and many more, all shot at or around 1/60th of a second for consistency’s sake.

Check out the full video above to hear them all for yourself, and let us know your favorite in the comments.

(via Fstoppers)