Aputure Unveils Extremely Powerful LS 600d with 600W of ‘Raw LED Power’

Aputure unveiled a prototype of its most powerful continuous light yet at IBC 2019. With just a touch of fanfare, the company reveled the LS 600d LED light, which will boast “600 watts of raw LED power” according to Aputure President Ted Sim.

The Aputure LS 600d will be the big brother to the current LS 300d II, and it promises to be absolutely blinding at full power—600W of LED output is equivalent to about 4.5-5K watts of tungsten output. According to Cinema5D, who was there to see the light in person, this will make the LS 600d LED light “the brightest single source LED light available.”

The light will draw 750W of power, promises a CRI of 96+, and features a Bowens mount so you can use modifiers that would never work with hot HMI lights of similar light output. The light is compatible with battery or mains-power, using either four 310W V-mount batteries (for approximately an hour and 45 minutes of run time) that attach to that massive control box, or a 48V DC input.

For now, this incredibly powerful LED light is just a prototype, but Aputure aims to release this beast sometime before NAB in February of 2020. By that point, they’re hoping to halve the size of the control box, but even if they don’t there are plenty of filmmakers and continuous light stills shooter who will be more than happy to fork over some serious cash for this kind of power.

Credits: All photos by Fernando Martinez/AdoramaTV, used with permission.