5 of the Most Overused Landscape Photography Techniques

Landscape photographer and LUMIX Ambassador James Popsys has put together a video breaking down five of the most overused photography techniques in landscape photography. From long exposures of water, to sky replacement, he explains why he feels that each of these are either used badly, too often, or both.

The five techniques Popsys singles out in his video are:

  1. Long Exposures Using Water
  2. Panoramas
  3. Always Including Foreground Interest
  4. Only Shooting at Golden Hour
  5. Sky Replacement

It’s not that these techniques are bad in and of themselves; Popsys makes sure to reiterate that on almost every point and even shows examples of his own photography that uses some of them. Each one is just often used as a default—an automatic way of thinking about a scene that prevents you from getting creative and picking the “right” technique or composition. Instead, it’s easiest to pick the “standard” composition—long exposure water, adding foreground interest to every shot, etc.

Definitely watch the full video to hear Popsys’s explanation for all five of these, and then drop into the comments and let us know if he missed any. Are there any overused “default” techniques in your favorite genre of photography that you wish people would think twice about?