Canon Will ‘Definitely’ Add IBIS to ‘Select’ DSLRs Soon: Report

We’ve known for several months now that Canon was working on IBIS for its full-frame mirrorless EOS-R system, but a recent patent and a new rumor indicates that this tech might make its way into Canon’s DSLRs as well… and soon.

The first indication of this possibility was a patent spotted by Northlight Images last week, but since a patent only rarely indicates a soon-to-be-released technology we decided to hold off on reporting about it. But now, Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon will “‘definitely’ bring IBIS to ‘select’ DSLRs in the near future.”

How near? According to the rumor site, the technology could appear as soon as the upcoming Canon 90D or the Canon 1DX Mark III. Chances that it will appear in the 1DX Mark III seem best since this camera will need to compete with Nikon’s rumored D6, which will allegedly feature IBIS as well.

As with any rumor, it’s not confirmed until the press release hits our inbox, but it looks like IBIS will be coming to Nikon and Canon DSLRs much sooner than many of us expected… if we were expecting it at all.