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4 Landscape Photography Tips to Last a Lifetime


Scottish landscape and wildlife photographer Wayne Robertson recently shared what he’s calling “4 Landscape Photography Tips to Last a Lifetime.” These aren’t “tricks” or “hacks” or “secrets,” because Robertson doesn’t believe there are any secrets when it comes to great landscape photography. Just tried and true advice that all landscape shooters could benefit from.

For those of you who just want the bullet points, here are the four tips that Robertson shares over the course of his video:

  1. If you see a scene you like, spend your time getting the composition right in-camera before pressing the shutter.
  2. Pay attention to the quality and the direction of the light. These are not always best at golden hour.
  3. Photograph for yourself. To really improve and get satisfaction from your landscape photography, capture images that resonate you personally.
  4. As you improve, shift your focus to quality over quantity. It’s natural for beginners to take lots of images, but you’ll eventually get to a point where you can improve better by taking fewer, more deliberate photos.

That said, we definitely recommend watching the full video to hear Robertson elaborate on each of these points in turn. Not only does he share some time-tested landscape photography wisdom, there’s something educational in watching the slow and methodical way he approaches capturing just three scenes over the course of nine hours. Given the quality of the landscape and wildlife work on his website and Instagram, we’re confident his advice is worth a listen.

(via Reddit)