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How to Shoot Trees, Mushrooms, and Rivers in Woodlands


The landscape and wildlife photography website Nature TTL has partnered up with B&H to launch a new YouTube channel dedicated to nature photography. This 11-minute first episode is a look at how to shoot trees, mushrooms, and rivers in woodlands with photographer and Nikon Ambassador Ross Hoddinott.

“This video looks at how you can head into woodland on miserable days and still get some amazing photos,” says Nature TTL founder Will Nicholls. “Ross looks at how to photograph trees, fungi, and woodland streams. He explores a variety of techniques, from lighting macro shots with LEDs to using Intentional Camera Movement for artistic abstract shots.”

For a river photo, Hoddinott uses a polarizing filter and a longer exposure to change the look of the scene:

River without polarizer.
River with polarizer (and motion blur).

Hoddinott uses intentional camera motion to blur subject details for things like trees.

When shooting mushrooms, Hoddinott uses an LED to introduce some artificial lighting and “drama”.

Mushrooms without LED lighting.
Mushrooms with LED lighting.

Watch the full video above for more of Hoddinott’s advice, tips, and tricks. If you’re interested in nature photography, you can follow along with NatureTTL’s videos by subscribing to the new YouTube channel.

Full disclosure: Will Nicholls is a regular contributor to PetaPixel.