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Loupedeck+ Now Works with Adobe Camera Raw


Loupedeck has announced that it’s popular photo editing console is now compatible with Adobe Camera Raw. Photoshop integration was previously launched in late 2018.

“The Camera Raw integration provides more flexibility for Adobe users, allowing them to bring some of the basic features to the Loupedeck+ and increase functionality with Photoshop,” Loupedeck says.

Things that can now be done with the Loupedeck+ in Adobe Camera Raw include categorizing photos (with stars and colors), editing raw photos and making all basic adjustments (e.g. exposure, contrast, temperature), color correcting photos (using HSL scrolls), fine-tuning photos (with tone curves, details, split toning, lens corrections, effects, and camera calibrations).

“We’re looking forward to offering our users new Adobe product compatibility with Camera Raw, as it’s something many of them have been specifically asking for,” says Loupedeck CEO Miiko Kesti. “We’re confident bringing this new integration into the mix will help them further increase their productivity with the Loupedeck+ and provide the flexibility they require on a day-to-day basis.”

To get started with using Loupedeck+ in Adobe Camera Raw, update to software version 2.7.0, available for free for Mac and Windows through the Loupedeck website. If you don’t yet own a Loupedeck+, you can pick one up for $249.