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Loupedeck Can Now Be Used for Photo Editing in Photoshop


Loupedeck today announced its first integration with Adobe Photoshop, allowing photographers to use the editing console in the popular app.

The latest Loupedeck+ console was unveiled back in June with integration with Skylum’s Aurora HDR and beta integration with Capture One. Now Photoshop joins the growing list of compatible apps.

“[T]he decision to integrate with Photoshop is exclusively based on feedback from Loupedeck’s invested community, many of whom utilize the imaging and graphic design software in their editing workflow,” Loupedeck says. “The Loupedeck+ will permit more intuitive and faster editing, providing more accuracy on controlling Photoshop’s functions.”

Loupedeck+ can be configured to match your Photoshop CC workflow. Here’s a list of things you’ll be able to do with the pairing:

  • Intuitive features that make editing faster: swap between current and previous tools, reset blending or to fit image on screen by just a press of a button
  • Ability to focus on the image instead of navigating: minimize mouse pointing, list scrolling and target practicing with tiny icons
  • More direct access to tools, functions, layers and other Photoshop options to save time
  • Excellent layer control by moving, grouping, merging, adjusting opacity, fill, visibility or masking
  • Ability to run smart filter with Loupedeck+’s configurable buttons
  • Custom mode that gives even more possibilities for mapping different Photoshop functions on Loupedeck+
  • Ability to create your own actions and run them with Loupedeck+´s configurable buttons

Here’s a 10-minute video showing Loupedeck+ in action in Photoshop CC:

“In our ongoing mission to make the editing processes of both professional and amateur photographers more intuitive and efficient, we continually work to integrate Loupedeck+ with the editing suites they utilize and cherish most in their workflows,” says Loupedeck founder and CEO Mikko Kesti. “Members of our dedicated user community emphasized their eagerness to use the console to edit with Photoshop and we listened.”

Loupedeck is available through the company’s online store and retailers such as B&H for $249.