These Lens Filters Have Prisms Built In for Creative Effects

PrismLensFX has unveiled a set of Variable Prism Filters. These are lens filters with prisms built right into them for capturing creative effects in photos and videos.

Placing prisms in front of your camera lens is a popular way to add a beautiful and unpredictable look to photos. PrismLensFX’s new filter set helps make results a little easier to reproduce.

The three 77mm filters are “variable” in that you can rotate them on your lens to adjust the resulting look and effect. It’s recommended that you use them on more telephoto lenses (50mm and greater) at apertures f/1.4, f/2, or f/2.8.

The Prism filter is designed to create “stunning” flare and bokeh.

The Chromatic Flare filter creates “anamorphic”/”streak” flares.

The Split Glass filter creates light leak and fractal effects.

The Variable Prism Filters costs $75 each or $195 as a set (a discount of $30). They’ll begin shipping in mid- to late-April.

(via Prism Lens FX via No Film School)