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Shutterstock Recreates Infamous Fyre Festival Promo Using Only Stock Clips


Fyre Festival was a “luxury music festival” that failed spectacularly back in 2017 after attracting a huge amount of interest with a viral photo and video marketing blitz. Shutterstock has released this 30-second video to show how the wildly expensive Fyre Festival promo video could have been created at a tiny fraction of the cost.

If you’ve watched the new documentaries Fyre and Fyre Fraud (on Netflix and Hulu, respectively), you know that the organizers spend a huge amount of money flying many of the world’s top models out to the Bahamian island of Great Exuma to shoot an epic promo. Here’s what they created:

“With what looks like a truly epic budget, the official promo video features famous supermodels and hard-to-reach filming locations, not to mention that adorable swimming pig,” Shutterstock says. “The video struck a chord with us at Shutterstock. We know that promo videos don’t need to cost the world. The festival organizers could have saved a lot of money by using footage from Shutterstock and royalty-free music from PremiumBeat.”

Shutterstock estimates that Fyre’s organizers spent at least $161,000 in creating their promo (and days on location shooting and in the editing room putting it together). The parody video above, titled “Fyrestock,” only took a single day to make without leaving the office. It consists of 18 different stock clips that cost a grand total of $2,062.

With music licensing and post-production, the total cost came out to be less than $5,000.

Oh, and Shutterstock notes that it has over 200 stock videos of swimming pigs alone.