Apple’s New iPad Pro Ads Were Shot and Made Entirely on the iPad Pro

Apple recently released a new series of ads for the iPad Pro that shows how the tablet computer opens the doors to new ways of doing things. What’s neat is that Apple is “eating its own dog food”: as the 2-minute behind-the-scenes video above reveals, the ads were shot, edited, animated, designed, and composed entirely on the iPad Pro.

“We’ve been using this amazing video app called Filmic Pro that lets you have really fine grain control over things like shutter speed, ISO, frame rate, white balance,” says director Erik Lund. “And it’s really versatile. It’s simple to go from shooting to editing all on the same device.”

Filmic Pro ($15) allows you to shoot 4K log video on your phone using its add-on Cinematographer Kit.

The ads were also edited with the Luma Fusion ($20), designed with ProCreate ($10) and Notability ($10), animated with Keynote and Core Animator ($6), and composed with GarageBand.

Here are the 5 ads that were created in this way:

Even the behind-the-scenes video about these ads was shot and made entirely on the iPad Pro.

“Apple’s promise has always been democratization of tools,” the behind-the-scenes video says. “What this becomes is a full studio for people who don’t necessarily have access to a lot of this stuff.”

(via Apple via Fstoppers)