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Leica Unveils the Q-P, Essentially a Q Without the Red Dot


Leica today announced the Leica Q-P, a camera the company calls an “artful statement of understatement.” It’s essentially a Leica Q that has had the red dot removed.

The full-frame compact camera boasts a “stealthy yet elegant” matte black body with a clean and minimalist front face. The Leica branding has been moved to classic script engraving on the top plate.

One mechanical difference between the Q-P and the Q is the redesigned shutter release button and power switch/drive mode selector. The shutter release has a refined and honed haptic experience, and the selector clicks into place for each setting.

Aside from those cosmetic and mechanical changes, the Q-P is otherwise identical to the Q, a fixed-lens camera that mimics the look and feel of Leica’s M-series rangefinders.

On the front of the camera is a 28mm f/1.7 ASPH lens.

On the back of the camera is a 3.68MP LCOS electronic viewfinder above a 3-inch 1.04-million-dot touchscreen LCD.

Features and specs of the Leica Q-P include a 24.2-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, ISO 100-50000, 10fps shooting, a Maestro II image processor, a contrast-detect AF system, Full HD 1080p video recording at 60fps, built-in Wi-Fi, and compatibility with Leica’s new FOTOS app.

Here are official sample photos captured with the Leica Q-P:

Here’s a short video introducing the Q-P:

The new Leica Q-P is available starting today for $4,995.