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Photoshop Fail or Lighting Illusion? Apprentice Photos Cause Stir


The UK reality game show The Apprentice is being mocked over what people are calling a hilarious Photoshop fail. But is it actually a case of unfortunate posing and a trick of the light?

The contestants of the 14th season were announced last month, and people on social media immediately pointed out the hands of contestants Kayode Damali and Frank Brooks.

Damali in a group photo.

The Telegraph reports that fans believe the photos were manipulated and show three different hands.

Prominent media outlets took the story and ran, painting it as a hilariously bad Photoshop fail:

But BBC has refuted the accusations of Photoshop trickery, officially stating that the photos simply show an “odd lighting illusion” and “a trick of the camera.”

Here’s a closer look at both photos:

The Apprentice contestant Kayode Damali. Photo by BBC/Jim Marks.
The Apprentice contestant Frank Brooks. Photo by BBC/Jim Marks.

This case is reminiscent of GQ‘s comedy issue cover in 2018. The magazine was mocked for Photoshopping an extra leg onto actress Reese Whitherspoon, but the “fail” may also have simply been the result of bizarre posing and a lighting illusion (though a third hand was Photoshopped onto Oprah in a photo from the shoot).