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Polarr Deep Crop Uses AI to Auto-Crop Your Photos ‘Like a Pro’


The photo editing software company Polarr has launched a new iOS app called Deep Crop that uses AI to crop your photos ” like a professional photographer.”

“Over the last 3 years, we’ve been exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and human-computer interactions,” the company says. “The products we build are a result of that exploration. And Deep Crop is the latest product from Polarr.”

Deep Crop is a simple app that utilizes Apple’s new A12 chip. Polarr says it trained the app using 200 million cropping data points gleaned from the work of real photographers. Everything is done locally, meaning you won’t need any kind of network connection for the intelligent crops to work.

After you launch the app, you’ll see the photos in your camera roll. Tapping any photo will bring up smart crops of various ratios. You can also select a specific ratio you’d like to see a crop for if you already know what you’d like.

If you like any of the suggested crops, you can export them directly to your social networks.

Here’s an example: if you start with this source photo…

Here are the three suggested crops for different focuses and aspect ratios:

You can purchase Deep Crop for $1 from the iTunes App Store.