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Verifly Offers Photographers Insurance on a Per-Shoot Basis


Want general liability insurance as a photographer but don’t want to pay monthly premiums because your shoots aren’t very regular? Verifly can provide you with insurance on a per-shoot basis, covering you for millions in exchange for dollars on the hour.

We first covered Verifly back in late 2016, when the company was focused on providing on-demand insurance for flying drones. While that business is still alive and well, Verifly has now expanded to provide on-demand insurance to all independent contracts and freelance workers.

The insurance is provided through Markel (a Fortune 500 company) and can be obtained through Verify’s mobile app in just 30 seconds.

Photographers can buy insurance through the Professional Services category in the app — up to $2 million in coverage with policies as short as 1 hour and as long as 1 month.

“Verifly is the lowest friction means of getting an insurance policy,” the company tells PetaPixel. “You can get a certificate instantly to show to a client, even for a shoot in the future, and if needed, cancel for a full refund up to an hour before it starts.

“As a photographer, you never know when a venue or client may require insurance. If you’re a new professional, this comes in handy since you don’t have to pay for a year-long policy upfront or call a broker. You can get business insurance when you need it in 30 seconds with no traditional application, right from your phone.

“40% of Verifly customers buy insurance while at the job site and/or shoot.”

Verifly is now available to photographers in 31 states across the US and aims to cover the entire country by 2019. You can get started with it by downloading the app for iOS and Android.