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Elinchrom Launches a Docking Station for the ELB 1200


Elinchrom has announced a new docking station that lets you bring the 1200Ws power of the ELB 1200 into the studio for endless shooting.

The dock allows photographers to insert their ELB 1200 into a mains powered docking station while working in the studio. When it needs to be taken out to a location shoot, simply swap the battery in place of the dock and the ELB 1200 is ready to be mobile.

Recycle times with the dock are ever-so-slightly slower than with a battery: 0.06-1.8s versus 0.05-1.7s. The 4.1-pound (1.9kg) dock will require a firmware update (v1.7) to your ELB 1200 to use.

The Elinchrom Dock is available today and carries a price tag of $699. By comparison, the Elinchrom ELB 1200 power pack with a battery currently costs $3,050.